Things that make you panic

I was at the grocery story way longer than I wanted to be. Here I am, standing in the international food isle, reading the can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Second ingredient – sugar. DAMN IT.

I had my heart set on making this delicious chipotle chili, but without the chipotle peppers and adobe sauce…well…it’d be just plain lame. Frantically I tried to come up with an alternative plan. “What in the world are chipotle peppers?” Turns out, they’re just roasted and dried jalapeño peppers. “I can do that, right?” I walked back over to the produce and grabbed about 10 jalapeños and then started to read further down in the recipe. There were about a half dozen items I had either never heard of, or was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find unless I was in a Whole Foods or Mexico, so I decided to bail.


This was making me panic. I started to imagine the chipotle chili, and how comforting and happy I would feel eating it. Then I started thinking…well…it’s just ONE can with just a LITTLE bit of sugar. Just a smidge. Nobody would know, right? Although it would have been the easy thing to just pick up the can and say, “the hell with it”, I opted to find another chili recipe that was compliant with the 30 day challenge. Of course this significantly derailed my plans of being at the store for 20 minutes max, and I am pretty sure I looked like a weirdo walking back and forth to the produce about a half dozen times while I was sorting out (muttering out loud maybe?) whether or not I was willing to belabor myself with making adobo sauce, but I sucked it up and made it out of there with a cart load of wonderful goodness and a not-guilty conscious.

After cooking my paleo lasagna (BEST. RECIPE. EVER), and doing some yoga with Charity, Jonathan and I met up with some friends at the Williamson County Fair. FRIED EVERYTHING. Fried oreos, bananas, hot dogs, snicker bars, chicken, hell probably even straight up butter. By the way, that actually exists. My jaw went lax and started to drool as I channeled my inner Homer Simpson at the thought of fried oreos. MMmmmmmm…oreos…..guuuurrrrggglllleeeee…

Thankfully, I was full from my lasagna and brought an emergency apple in case things got rough. No need to panic. Phew. All I can say, is that preparation is key. And a smart phone. Not sure how I would have maneuvered my chipotle chili disaster had I not been able to research another recipe on the fly.

I hope I don’t lose my phone. Now that would make me panic.

BTW – a pic of my Southwestern Frittata which turned out BOMB.





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