Slow it down

Today was the ideal Sunday. It was the perfect mixture of productive/lazy – which in my opinion, are some of the best kinds. I woke up and immediately started making my chocolate chili. Oh yeah…chocolate chili…swooooooooon. It’s relatively easy and makes quite a bit, which is great to have handy when you don’t have lots of time to cook throughout the week. Oddly, today I found myself really enjoying being in the kitchen. The soothing Iron & Wine Pandora mix playing in the background while I chopped onions and garlic made me feel like my meal-making had more purpose. Maybe it was just the chocolate chili aroma filling the room that made it all the more worthwhile, or maybe it was the pleasure in knowing that all of this weekend preparation would relieve me of hard cooking duty throughout the week, or…maybe I was learning something.

Slow. Down.

This is one of the virtues that I think I’m starting to understand this time around on the Whole 30 – especially since I don’t have my own personal chef making my meals. I’m forced to slow down, plan, spend time in the kitchen preparing my food, and savoring each bite at our family dining room table. Not in front of a T.V., not driving in a car, but seated across from my husband as I watch him enjoy each bite. Over and over I’ve read that a large part of America’s eating disorder is centered around not having a true food culture…other than perhaps the McDonald’s burger. Lovely.

Although there are times that I’m in the kitchen thinking, “Am I freaking done making this yet? UGH SOMEONE JUST ORDER A PIZZA ALREADY”, I’m really challenging myself to honor the communal aspect of making and sharing a meal with loved ones. Perhaps it’s not just changing my perception of how I view food, but also pressing me to enhance my relationships by taking a moment to stop. Slow down. And smell the chocolate chili…better yet with a friend.




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