All Hail Queen Beyonce

Today was a blur. It was one of those back to back meeting days where all you do is collect an ever growing mountain of deliverables. Oh, and by the way, good luck finding the time to get anything done. Se la vie.

Thankfully, because I cooked ALL OF THE FOOD this weekend, I didn’t have to worry about preparing dinner other than cutting out a section of my Paleo Lasagna and slopping it on the plate to nuke. Ok, that didn’t really make it sound very good, but let me tell you it’s legit. Not to mention, as the lasagna sits in the fridge – it actually gets better. I’ve already put my plug in for this recipe, but I’m telling you it’s my absolute favorite. Jonathan loves this recipe. The man that craves nothing more than spaghetti with meatballs and a banana cream pie milkshake..he loves it. It’s really that good. 

Another big plus about cooking on the weekend is that you can come home each night from work and not have to stress about cooking dinner while hungry and/or exhausted. Time is spent watching a movie, being lazy, reading, or in my case – dancing. <places hand over heart>

I solemnly swear that I believe Beyonce can do no wrong. 

Even though all of the songs played on the Beyonce Pandora station are not by her, I’m convinced she is somehow behind the scenes hand-selecting each song that gets played on her station, because she. is. the Queen. For instance – here’s a small snippet of the awesomeness that just played:

  • Who Runs the World Girls – Beyonce
  • Super Bass – Nicki Minaj 
  • We Fell In Love in a Hopeless Place – Rihanna
  • The Wobble – V.I.C
  • Royals – Lorde
  • Hey Ya – Outkast

I mean really?!?! How can I possibly sit, or get anything done for that matter, with a playlist like that!

They say you experience heightened energy levels during your Whole 30. I think I’ve already hit that. Enjoy drooling over this lasagna and then make it. I have to get back to dancing. JT wants me to bring sexy back. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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