Coloring outside the lines

A friend of mine who is also doing the Whole 30 this month shared this mouth-watering recipe – Pizza. Spaghetti. Pie. When she rattled off this recipe to me, I thought “you had me at pizza”. My love for pizza is up there with the love of my future unborn child. Hell, I love pizza so much that I felt inspired to write a haiku:

Pizza on my face

Saucy goodness I embrace

Screw all other food

Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little. When I started reading the recipe, it specifically called out having the freedom to add whatever toppings you want. Following a recipe explicitly is my go to. Usually, I am not one of those babes that can just, ya know, “whip something up” and it tastes awesome. There have been one-to-many instances where I’ve painstakingly re-read a recipe, making sure I didn’t miss a beat…and still I somehow managed to turn something with only 5 ingredients (eh hem olive oil mayo) into slop.

Today I decided to apply some of the learnings I’ve had creating other meals and get a little more adventurous. Thinking of the boys in my house, I figured pepperoni (uncured, without sugar) would be a good way to coax them to try this new found pizza concoction. I then opted to also make some cashew cheese to really round out the pizza flavor. Who am I?!?!? I’m happy to report, it turned out killer awesome. The boys went back for seconds, and I think I’ll need to make another batch tomorrow to last through the week.

Pizza spaghetti pie is Jonathan’s new favorite (it knocked lasagna out of first place). Even my dairy, bread loving step-son Elijah digs it. One of the greatest joys of the Whole 30 is finding creative new ways to make foods your loved ones will also enjoy…perhaps by doing a little coloring outside the lines.




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