Giving away a painting is like giving away a puppy

I get separation anxiety from my artwork. 

Most often, artwork I create is for friends or loved ones. Honestly, I think I’ve only painted one piece with the intention of keeping it. I’m not really quite sure why that is, but I can say for certain that releasing your artwork to someone is quite the emotional process. Let me ‘splain.

Painting for someone else is like giving a friend one of the offspring of your dog’s litter. Let’s face it, most people love their dogs like their own children. So, imagine your dog has puppies. Now, are you going to give that puppy to some sketchy ass stranger with a giant beer gut, holding a 2 liter Coke in his left hand, while adorning a t-shirt that says, “Jesus eats liberals for breakfast”? Heeeeeeeeeeell no! You’re only going to entrust that sweet fluffy ball of squishy adorable-ness to someone that is going to love that puppy more than you do. You love that puppy’s mother. In fact, you love the shit out of her. You know she stinks, she likes to dig holes in the backyard, and lay on your bed when you’re not home…but you LOVE her anyway. So, when she gets pregnant, naturally you love the shit out of those puppies too. You make sure she’s always comfortable, she gets exactly what she needs, and when those puppies come – you couldn’t be more proud of her. In turn, you want to make her proud of you, and find the best possible life for each of those puppies in her litter.

That feeling right there? That’s what it’s like to give away a painting.

I love my artwork. But I love my friends and family more. Maybe that’s why I give them away. Perhaps I’m eager to entrust someone with something that becomes so precious to me, and I hope that they love it just as much as I do.

"Fred" by Kristi Moosekian


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