I’ll Post for 30 Days

Let me just start this off by stating, I suck at updating my blog. Yes. I’ve had multiple blog addresses throughout my lifetime, and each and every one of them was short lived. That’s why this is a new address…I’m too embarrassed to reveal to the world the last time I posted an entry was in late 2011. BUT! Obviously not too embarrassed to admit it now.


I’ll post…yeah…I’ll try to post everyday for the next 30 days.


I’m about to embark on yet another Whole 30 challenge. I did this a couple of years ago, and have to say – it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I leaned out, my skin cleared up, no more bloating, I woke up each day with tons of energy, I felt more energized in my workouts, I slept better, and no longer was labored with headaches. Sounds like I’m trying to sell you something right? Wrong. It’s legit. It’s just real food.

After getting married, you could say that I’ve gotten “fat and happy”. Well, I didn’t actually get fat, but I’ve enjoyed my fair share of msg-filled Chinese, homemade pancakes (they are totally the gateway to Jonathan’s heart), and more pizza than I care to admit (another Jonathan staple). Something about being in love just makes you want to eat. I’ll have my weekend bing-fest, start my healthy eating back up during the week only to break the cycle with more junk throughout the weekend. I’m doing this Whole 30 to break the cycle.

New challenges abound this time around. During my last Whole 30, my best friend/roommate did all of the cooking. She was the most awesome wife ever. I pretty much was the dead-beat husband that just ate all of the yummy food she cooked and demanded for “more steak” and “please pick up some watermelon when you’re at the store next time”. Now it’s on me. I’m cooking all of my meals, so I know if I’m going to survive, I’m going to have to plan my ass off.

Day 1 came and went, and so far I feel pretty good (congratulations?)

Breakfast: standard Larabar and black coffee

Lunch: baked “mustard” chicken thighs, brussel sprouts, and a few clementines

Dinner: “Damn Fine Chicken”, mashed cauliflower, and an apple

I finished making my most favorite breakfast dish of all time, Southwest Frittata, and even made my own Salsa Verde to boot. Although it’s quite the process it should be enough to last me through most of the week…and Jonathan doesn’t like eggs so it’s allllllll mine. Make the Southwest Frittata. Do it. You have to. It’s delicious. AND. Nutritious.

It’s a good thing I’ll be trying lots of new food and gaining new experiences. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t post again until October of 2017.


I’ll post everyday for the next 30 days. No. Seriously this time.